Second case sent to prosecutors for online slander

Tokyo police have sent papers to prosecutors on a man in his 30s for the alleged online slandering of reality show star Kimura Hana, who took her own life at the age of 22 in May last year.

The man is the second person to be referred to prosecutors in the incident.

Professional wrestler Kimura was appearing on a reality show "Terrace House" broadcast by Fuji Television, when she became a target of cyber bullying. She was attacked on social media for her conduct and remarks in the program.

Police have been trying to identify those who made malicious comments about Kimura.

Investigators had earlier sent papers on a man in his 20s who lives in Osaka Prefecture to prosecutors. He was ordered by a summary court to pay a fine of about 80 dollars.

They also found that the second man in Fukui Prefecture posted four times about Kimura, saying she should "die" and is "gross." The man reportedly admitted to making the posts and apologized.

Investigators continue to look into hundreds of similar slanderous comments directed toward Kimura.

A Japanese organization on broadcasting ethics has ruled that the program's broadcaster failed to consider the possible mental distress of a cast member.

In a statement, Kimura's mother Kyoko thanked various bodies that investigated the matter.

The mother said she believes it essential to get cooperation from social media businesses and to save records of online activities for a long time so nobody else will be driven into a corner by irresponsible posts.