Truck driver detained over Taiwan derailment

The truck driver believed to be responsible for one of the deadliest train derailment in Taiwan's history will be detained for two months.

A court granted that request from prosecutors Sunday night. It said the driver, suspected of causing death through negligence, may destroy evidence.

Before he was summoned to court, the man read a statement to reporters.

Lee Yi-hsiang said, "I deeply regret that I have troubled people by causing deaths and injuries. I'd like to express my most sincere apologies."

Lee added he will cooperate with the investigation, and take responsibility.

The crash happened at the start of a busy holiday weekend. It left at least 50 people dead, and more than 200 others injured.

The Taiwan Transportation Safety Board has been analyzing footage recorded by the train's on-board camera.

Local media say the Board has so far determined that the truck slid down a slope and onto the tracks -- before the train crashed into it.

Investigators suspect the truck's parking brake may have been broken or not properly engaged. The truck driver was involved in work to improve the slope's safety.