Truck driver detained over Taiwan train derailment

A court in Taiwan has determined that the truck driver involved in a recent fatal train derailment should be detained for two months, as requested by prosecutors.

The court made the decision on Sunday night after examining the results of his questioning and evidence presented by investigators. It said he may destroy evidence and is suspected of having caused death by negligence.

The accident occurred in the eastern county of Hualien on Friday, leaving 50 people dead and more than 200 others injured.

The Taiwan Transportation Safety Board, an independent body to look into accidents, has been analyzing footage taken by the train's on-board camera.

Local media say the TTSB found that the truck had slid down a slope onto the tracks before the train crashed into it.

Investigators suspect that the truck's parking brake may have been broken or improperly engaged. The truck driver was involved in work to enhance the slope's safety.