Governors want COVID aid, info from national govt.

Governors across Japan held an online meeting on Sunday in the midst of a resurgence of coronavirus cases.

They have put together emergency proposals to the central government calling for financial aid to help restaurants heavily impacted by the coronavirus measures. They also demanded ministries to provide information more quickly on COVID variants.

Three prefectures, Osaka and Hyogo in western Japan and Miyagi in the north, will start on Monday to take stricter measures without a state of emergency declaration. The local rules were approved by the central government earlier this month.

Osaka recorded the highest daily cases on Saturday. Governor Yoshimura Hirofumi said during the meeting that he needs a sense of urgency to contain the virus at time when variants are spreading.

Tokyo governor Koike Yuriko said that she has a strong sense of crisis as experts are voicing concerns about a larger pandemic than the third wave.

Crowds of people gathering to enjoy Sunday in central Osaka, also voiced concerns about the situation.

A woman in her 20s said that the latest regulation was issued too late. She said policymakers should come up with a consistent measure, rather than flip flopping the rules depending on the rise and fall of the cases.