French sports probe finds massive sexual violence

A French sports ministry probe has found that more than 400 coaches and other supervisors are suspected of involvement in sexual and other violence, or covering it up.

The ministry launched the investigation last year after former figure skater Sarah Abitbol accused her coach of sexually assaulting her when she was in her teens.

The results released earlier this month showed that 421 people are suspected of sexual assault, harassment or other violence. Ninety-six percent of them were men.

The ministry also reported 83 percent of the victims were women, and 63 percent were under the age of 15.

Calls are growing to address the issue that has been overlooked for years.

Sports Minister Roxana Maracineanu has urged sports federations to take preventive measures to regain trust, and ensure safety for athletes.

The country's capital, Paris, is set to host the 2024 Summer Olympics and Paralympics.