Suez Canal backlog 'cleared'

Egypt's Suez Canal Authority has announced the clearance of a traffic jam caused by a container ship which ran aground in the world's busiest waterway.

The SCA said on Saturday that all 422 ships stranded by the Japanese-owned, Taiwanese-operated Ever Given had passed through the canal by the end of the day.

A company overseeing shipping through the canal says as of Saturday morning, about 150 more vessels had arrived and were waiting to pass through the canal. The company says it will take more time to resume normal traffic.

The Ever Given moved to a nearby lake for an SCA investigation into what caused the ship to run aground in the canal.

Canal authorities officials have so far indicated several possible causes -- natural factors such as a sandstorm, and technical or human error.

SCA chief Osama Rabie earlier noted that losses from the six-day blockage of the canal are estimated to exceed one billion dollars.