Cherry blossom festival resumes in Fukushima town

A cherry blossom festival is taking place for the first time in two years in Japan's northeastern town of Tomioka near the site of the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster.

The town's Yonomori District is renowned for its 2.2-kilometer stretch of about 570 cherry trees.

The annual festival resumed in 2017 after an evacuation order was partially lifted, but was canceled last year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Food stalls are banned and visitors are wearing masks and keeping social distances while viewing and taking pictures of the cherry blossoms.

Many people from the district have still not returned to live 10 years after the nuclear accident.

A man in his 60s said he comes every year and enjoys it every time. He says it is a place that is essential for the people in the town, and he is pleased that the festival is being held again.

The event will continue on Sunday.