Taiwan President visits survivors of derailment

In Taiwan, train cars are being removed from the site of Friday's deadly accident, and President Tsai Ing-wen has visited a hospital to meet people who were injured in the wreck.

Tsai told reporters that she will do all she can to provide support for the survivors and families of the deceased.

The eight-car express train derailed in a tunnel in the eastern county of Hualien on Friday morning, leaving 50 people dead, and more than 170 others injured.

On Saturday, two of the train's three rear cars, which stopped before entering the tunnel, were hauled up by crane and placed on new rails that were installed overnight. They were then connected to a locomotive and towed away.

The cars in the tunnel are badly damaged and likely to be difficult to remove.

Taiwanese authorities say it will take about seven days before train services are fully restored.