NYK Line orders Japan's biggest cruise ship

Japan's NYK Line has ordered what will become the largest Japanese-registered international cruise ship.
The company is scheduled to take delivery of the vessel in 2025.

Its displacement will be nearly 52,000 tons. That will surpass the country's largest cruise ship, the "Asuka II," which the company currently operates.

Passengers on the new ship will have Wi-Fi access even while at sea to meet the needs of people who work while on vacation.

It will run on both oil and liquefied natural gas, which produces relatively low levels of greenhouse gas emissions.

International cruises have come to a halt due to the coronavirus pandemic. But NYK Line is expecting a recovery in demand by the time the ship is delivered four years from now. The craft will be equipped with a ventilation system and air purifiers with high-performance filters. Its elevators will feature touchless operations.