Lavrov denies military alliance with China

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has indicated that his country is seeking closer ties with China. But he also noted that there would be no military alliance between the two countries.

Lavrov was speaking during an interview aired on Russian state television on Thursday.

He referred to a recent summit that included the United States, Japan, Australia and India, a group also known as the "Quad." The summit reflects an increasing emphasis of US policies in the Indo-Pacific.

Lavrov noted that the meeting was aimed at China. He also expressed concern that Russia can be considered as another target, as Russia was not invited to the summit.

As for Russian ties with China, Lavrov noted that bilateral cooperation has grown both in terms of quantity and quality. He added, however, that the bilateral strategic interaction and multifaceted partnership are not directed against anyone. He said they don't need a military alliance in the classic sense like NATO.

The remarks apparently reflect Russia's intention of boosting ties with China at a time when its relations with the US are becoming more strained, while seeking to avoid being directly involved in the US-China confrontation.