US official: 3-way talks will focus on N.Korea

A high-ranking US official says top national security officials from the United States, Japan, and South Korea will discuss North Korea's missile provocations and US policy review on the North in their upcoming talks.

The official held a telephone news conference on Thursday ahead of a meeting of US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, the Secretary General of Japan's National Security Secretariat, Kitamura Shigeru, and South Korea's National Security Advisor, Suh Hoon.

They will meet at the US Naval Academy in the state of Maryland on Friday.

The official said the three are expected to talk primarily on issues associated with the maintenance of peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula.

Specifically, the official expects them to share views on the North's missile provocations and confirm how to cooperate after discussing the ongoing US policy review on the North.

US President Joe Biden's administration says it is in the final stages of reviewing US policy toward North Korea as it continues to develop its nuclear and missile programs.

But the official said the coming talks will not be their final meeting but part of the process of the policy review.

The official said other items on the agenda include semiconductor supply chains, climate change issues and the situations in Myanmar and the South China Sea.