Huawei overseas sales drop for first time

Chinese tech giant Huawei Technologies racked up record sales in 2020, but its overseas revenues dropped for the first time amid trade friction between Washington and Beijing.

The company says last year's revenue came in at 891 billion yuan, or around 135 billion dollars.
That is up 3.8 percent in yuan terms from the year before.

The rise comes as 5G mobile networks roll out in China, and as the coronavirus stokes demand for online medical and education services.

But Huawei's overseas sales plunged nearly 13 percent from a year ago to around 45 billion dollars. It was the first decline since the firm began releasing earnings data.
Sales of Huawei smartphones dropped sharply as US restrictions stopped the company using Google's Android operating system on its devices.

The tech firm has been developing its own smartphone operating system, but it is also grappling with US export controls on semiconductors.

The company's deputy chairman, Hu Houkun, said on Wednesday that the restrictions have mainly impacted US companies. Hu added that consumers and Huawei have also been hit, while calling for the US to immediately rectify the situation.

Huawei also faces headwinds as Britain and some other countries block its products from their 5G networks.