Itochu holds online ceremony for new recruits

Japanese trading firm Itochu has welcomed new recruits in a virtual ceremony due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Itochu chairman Okafuji Masahiro and the firm's president, Ishii Keita, were waiting for the 115 recruits at the entrance of the company's headquarters in Tokyo on Thursday morning, the first day of the new fiscal year.

Two large monitors had been set up at the entrance along with hundreds of cherry blossom decorations. They showed staff at 12 overseas offices, including Shanghai and Singapore. They applauded when the new employees walked through the entrance.

One of the new recruits said she is very grateful that the company is offering this opportunity amid the coronavirus pandemic. She said she will carry out her duties with a sense of responsibility.

Okafuji said he wants the new workers' first day at the company to be a memorable one, and he hopes they will focus on acquiring skills for their jobs.