Tokyo Paralympics to join flames from across Japan

Organizers of the Tokyo Paralympics say torch flames for the event will be collected from more than 880 locations across Japan.

The games' organizing committee said on Wednesday that flame lightings will start on August 12, after the Tokyo Olympics. Each location is to use its own lighting method.

Sagamihara City, near Tokyo, will hold a lighting ceremony at a care home for people with intellectual disabilities. In 2016, 19 residents there were killed by a former employee.

Torches will also come from areas affected by the 2011 earthquake, tsunami and nuclear accident.

In Hiroshima, fire will be taken from the Flame of Peace at the city's Peace Memorial Park.

Four days before the Paralympics open on August 24, the flames from across Japan as well as one from Stoke Mandeville, England, the event's birthplace, will be united in Tokyo.