China praises WHO report, US calls it incomplete

China's Foreign Ministry has welcomed the World Health Organization's report into the origins of the coronavirus, commending the experts for their "commitment to science."

A ministry spokesperson said in a statement that China fully demonstrated its openness, transparency and responsible attitude by offering necessary cooperation to the experts who visited Wuhan.

The statement adds that studies into the origins of the virus should also be conducted outside of China, in multiple countries. It warns that politicizing the issue will severely hinder global cooperation.

A White House spokesperson said China's lack of transparency and failure to provide underlying data "certainly doesn't qualify as cooperation."

Press Secretary Jen Psaki also said the WHO report represents a "partial and incomplete picture" because it lacks crucial data, information, access and transparency.

Psaki said the report does not provide guidelines or steps to prevent a future pandemic. She said that there's a second stage in the process, that should be led by international, independent experts with unfettered access to data. She also said those experts should be able to ask questions of people who are on the ground.