Bereaved mother starts anti-harassment activity

The mother of a professional wrestler who took her own life after becoming the target of online harassment says she is launching an organization dedicated to preventing cyber bullying.

Wrestler Kimura Hana was a cast member of popular Japanese reality television show aired on Fuji TV, "Terrace House." She became the target of malicious attacks on social media due to her conduct and remarks on the show. She killed herself in May last year.

Her mother, Kyoko, told reporters on Tuesday that she will set up a non-profit organization, named Remember HANA, comprised of lawyers and experts on bullying.

Its members will visit schools to teach children how to communicate online with others without causing harm.

The organization will also help the victims of such abuse access counseling centers, as well as request the government set up a relief system.

Kyoko said verbal attacks do happen daily on social media. She said it may take years, but she hopes to achieve a world free of such hostile acts that her daughter longed for.