Japan ranked 120th in global gender gap report

Japan has been ranked number 120 out of 156 nations in a global gender gap report. The document indicates that Japanese men still have more opportunities to participate in politics and the economy than women have in the country.

The World Economic Forum released this year's Global Gender Gap Report on Wednesday. The report looks into gender gaps in four areas: political empowerment, health and survival, economic participation and opportunity, and educational attainment.

Iceland topped the global list as the country with the least gender gaps for the 12th straight time. It was followed by Finland and Norway. The top three spots were occupied by Nordic countries, as usual.

Japan fared well in the education and health categories, but received poor assessments in the political and economic categories. The report said the percentage of female members in the Lower House of the Diet and the Cabinet is still small. It added that the percentage of women in managerial positions in businesses remains low.

The report also said that the coronavirus pandemic has prevented the gender gap from being narrowed around the world. It said women were more likely to lose jobs than men, due to the pandemic.

The report suggests it will take more than 135 years to close the gender gap worldwide at the current trajectory.