US report says 'genocide' continues in Xinjiang

The United States has landed another jab to China, accusing it of ongoing "genocide" in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region in an annual report.

The US State Department issued a report on Tuesday reviewing the human rights conditions of countries around the world in 2020.

The report says the crimes committed in Xinjiang include the detention of more than one million Uighurs and other ethnic minorities in extrajudicial internment camps.

It also alleges forced sterilizations, torture, forced labor and draconian restrictions on freedom of religion.

The report also mentions the new National Security Law imposed on Hong Kong by Beijing.

It says the Chinese Communist Party has systematically dismantled Hong Kong's political freedoms and autonomy in violation of its international commitments.

The United States and Europe have imposed sanctions on China over the alleged human rights abuses. China has taken retaliatory steps.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken told reporters that China's response is "only going to redouble the concerns and the focus that others countries give" to its actions.

He said the administration of President Joe Biden will stand against human rights abuses wherever they occur.