Tokyo, Osaka braces for another wave of cases

Officials are considering tougher measures in the western prefecture of Osaka, which reported the most daily cases anywhere in the country on Tuesday.

Health authorities said there were over 400 new infections that is the highest figure since a state of emergency was lifted last month.

Osaka governor Yoshimura Hirofumi said in a news conference that cases are rising sharply and that the infection situation in Osaka is completely different from last week. Yoshimura added he's considering stricter rules especially for restaurants and bars to curb the spread.

Tokyo reported the second highest tally of daily cases at 364. It's the 11th straight day the count has been higher than it was a week earlier.

Experts are calling on health authorities to secure more hospital beds in case the number of serious cases surges.

More than 2,000 cases were reported across the country on Tuesday. Nearly 370 patients are in serious condition.