Renesas: Shipments to take 3 months to recover

Japanese semiconductor maker Renesas Electronics is working to restore production at its plant damaged by fire earlier this month. It says it expects it to take at least three months for shipments to return to the level before the fire.

President and CEO Shibata Hidetoshi held a news conference on Tuesday.

He said he believes it is "increasingly likely" the company will meet its target of resuming production on the damaged lines within a month.

Some of the equipment at the factory north of Tokyo was damaged in the March 19 fire. Renesas was forced to halt part of its production. The facility makes semiconductors for autos and other products.
The company plans to gradually ramp up output at the damaged factory and at other plants.

It says carmakers will likely feel the impact of the fire on chip supply starting in late April.

The government says it is working to help ensure Japanese companies get the semiconductors they need.

Industry minister Kajiyama Hiroshi said his ministry is asking a Taiwanese chip maker to be an alternative source of production and is talking to manufacturers of chip-making equipment to help Renesas quickly procure what it needs.