Brazilian ministers quit amid coronavirus pandemic

In Brazil, key Cabinet ministers have resigned one after another as the coronavirus spreads out of control.

Data compiled by Johns Hopkins University in the United States show that more than 44,000 new cases of the coronavirus were confirmed in Brazil on Sunday. The figure is the worst in the world, and the country's healthcare system is on the verge of collapse.

Brazilian media reported on Monday that both the foreign and defense ministers have resigned.

Foreign Minister Ernesto Araujo has been criticized for the country's delay in obtaining coronavirus vaccines from abroad. A tweet posted by Araujo on Monday suggests growing public criticism of his actions prompted him to step down.

As for Defense Minister Fernando Azevedo e Silva, a statement released by the defense ministry does not mention any reason for his departure. But local media reports say he has been at odds politically with President Jair Bolsonaro.

Brazil's health minister also resigned earlier this month, showing confusion in the country's politics amid the pandemic.