Efforts to resume to free ship stuck in Suez Canal

Efforts to move a Japanese container ship stuck in the Suez Canal are expected to resume soon when the tide rises, in order to reopen the canal to marine traffic.

Officials in Egypt said such efforts would resume around 11:30 a.m. local time on Monday.

The Suez Canal Authority announced on Monday morning that the Ever Given had been partially freed by 10 tugboats that had been working to dislodge the vessel.

The ship got stuck in the key waterway last Tuesday. It is owned by Shoei Kisen, based in the western Japanese prefecture of Ehime, and is operated by a Taiwanese company.

Officials said the vessel's position had shifted 80 percent in the right direction. They said the stern of the ship, which had been four meters from the canal bank, was now 102 meters clear.

More than 360 vessels were unable to pass through the canal since the Ever Given became stranded, raising concerns about the impact on global logistics.