N.Korea warns of reaction before UNSC meeting

North Korea says any attempt to infringe upon its right to self-defense will inevitably prompt a countermeasure.

The director-general of the foreign ministry's Department of International Organizations, Jo Chol Su, issued a statement through the state-run Korean Central News Agency.

The UN Security Council reportedly plans to hold a closed-door meeting on Tuesday, following two ballistic missile launches by North Korea on Thursday last week.

Jo said many other countries are firing all kinds of projectiles for the purpose of increasing their military strength. He said "it does not make any sense" that only the North's "righteous self-defensive measure should be singled out for denunciation."

Jo said that if the UN Security Council continues to hold to its double standard, "it will only cause an aggravation, not amelioration," of the situation and "confrontation, not dialogue," on the Korean Peninsula.

China and Russia, which have friendly ties with North Korea, say the Security Council should ease sanctions against the North from a long-term viewpoint. Their position on this issue is in sharp contrast with the stance of the United States.