Global makers showcase new EVs in Tokyo

The latest electric vehicles are on display at a one-day show in Tokyo on Sunday.

Major Japanese automakers, such as Toyota, Honda, Nissan, and Mazda, are taking part. The event also features the latest EVs from Porsche and Tesla.

Britain's Jaguar Land Rover is showcasing its first electric vehicle for the Jaguar brand. The maker says all Jaguar cars will be EVs from 2025.

Japanese electronics giant Sony unveiled its "VISION-S" vehicle at the show. Sony says it developed the EV to improve its sensor technology and has no intention of entering the auto sector. But the vehicle attracted a lot of attention from visitors.

Sony executive Kawanishi Izumi says making cars is challenging, and they hope to make driving an enjoyable experience by using the most advanced information technology.

Kawanishi says he thinks more companies from other industries will start developing electric vehicles.