UN Security Council panel split on N.Korea

The UN Security Council's sanctions committee on North Korea has reportedly failed to agree on a response to Pyongyang's latest ballistic missile launches.

The committee held a closed session online at the request of the United States on Friday, following the North's launch of two missiles on Thursday.

Norway chaired the talks. Its UN mission in New York tweeted that it condemns the launch and that sanctions need to be implemented.

It wrote, "North Korea must enter into meaningful dialogue and take concrete steps toward denuclearization."

Security Council sources say many committee members expressed concern over the missile launches, calling them violations of past resolutions.

They say the United States requested a probe and offered to help by providing documents, with an eye on introducing stiffer sanctions.

The sources say China and Russia, which are friendly with North Korea, warned against acting in haste. They reportedly argued that from a long-term perspective, sanctions ought to be eased.