France moves to stop anti-Asian discrimination

France plans to take measures to stop the rise in racial discrimination against ethnic Asians amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The French government announced in a statement on Wednesday that there has been an unprecedented increase in discrimination against people of Asian descent since the start of the pandemic.

The government said it will draw up preventive measures, and listen to peoples' opinions in April.

A group of ethnic Chinese in Paris said messages calling for attacks on Chinese people started appearing on social media around October last year, when the second lockdown took effect.

The group said it received complaints about discriminatory remarks and assaults every day during the following three weeks, and it is still receiving several similar reports each week.

The group said some people were told to go back to China, and that the virus had spread because of them. It said ethnic Asians, and not just people of Chinese descent, have also suffered from discrimination.

An official of the group said the announcement shows that the government knows what is happening to ethnic Asians. The official said the measures may not be enough, but the government is trying to do something.