COVAX expects delays in vaccines from India

A United Nations-backed program to ship COVID-19 vaccines worldwide says it expects delays in deliveries of the AstraZeneca vaccine made in India.

The COVAX Facility, which is led by the World Health Organization, said on Thursday that deliveries of doses from the Serum Institute of India will be delayed this month and in April.

COVAX officials said the delay is due to increased demand for coronavirus vaccines in India, and they will work with the Indian government to ensure that some supplies continue.

COVAX aims to provide 337.2 million doses of coronavirus vaccines to 145 countries and regions by the end of June.

The Serum Institute of India is contracted to supply 240 million doses, or more than 70 percent of the total.

Infections have resurged in India since late last month. The country reported more than 53,000 new cases on Thursday.