US military corrects 'East Sea' to 'Sea of Japan'

The US military has corrected the term it used to refer to the body of water where North Korea conducted missile testing from "East Sea" to "Sea of Japan."

The Indo-Pacific Command had issued a statement in response to the launch of two suspected ballistic missiles by North Korea on Thursday.

The statement said, "We are aware of North Korean missile launches this morning into the East Sea."

"East Sea" is the term used by South Korea. The Japanese government requested a correction, saying the use of the term was inappropriate. It said Japan's stance is that "Sea of Japan" is the only official international name for the body of water between Japan and South Korea.

The Indo-Pacific Command later issued a correction, saying the statement should have referred to the waters as Sea of Japan or waters off the east coast of the Korean Peninsula.

The statement went on to say the United States has not changed its position on using Sea of Japan as the sole approved name for the geographic feature.

The US government uses names decided by the US Board on Geographic Names. Sea of Japan is the standard term used by the USGS.