Call for law to ban discrimination against LGBT

A citizens group in Japan is calling on lawmakers to enact a law to prohibit discrimination against sexual minorities, as a legacy of the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.

The group of sexual minorities and their supporters started an online petition drive last October, calling for legislation to protect LGBT people from discrimination before the Olympics start in July.

The group says it had collected 106,250 signatures when the petition drive ended in late February, with about 40,000 from Japan.

On Thursday, representatives of the group delivered the petition to a lawmaker of the main ruling Liberal Democratic Party, Hashimoto Gaku.
They asked him to work to legalize equality for LGBT people during the current Diet session.

Hashimoto said he will do his best to make any concrete progress, consulting people in various fields.

The group says it also delivered the petition to the LDP's coalition partner, Komeito, and the main opposition Constitutional Democratic Party.