Suga condemns N.Korea missile launches

Japanese Prime Minister Suga Yoshihide has strongly denounced North Korea's missile launches as a threat to the peace and security of Japan and the region.

Suga told reporters Thursday morning that North Korea fired two ballistic missiles, the first launches since March 29 of last year. He said Japan firmly protests the launches, which are a violation of UN Security Council resolutions.

Suga added the government has confirmed the missiles fell into the Sea of Japan outside Japan's exclusive economic zone, but they need to step up alert and surveillance.

The prime minister said he has convened an emergency meeting of the National Security Council to put together information and discuss response measures.

He also said the government is analyzing the North's intentions behind the launches.

Suga stressed his determination to protect Japanese people's lives and their peaceful way of life, working closely with the United States, South Korea and other countries.