Surge in infection cases reported across Japan

The Tokyo metropolitan government has reported the highest number of new coronavirus cases in a month, just three days after a state of emergency was lifted.

Tokyo officials confirmed 420 new infections Wednesday. It's the second tally this month to breach 400. And it's further stoking fears a new wave could be on the way.

Officials further north share that anxiety. Sendai City Mayor Kohri Kazuko said, "We're experiencing an unprecedented upsurge. It's very critical."

Miyagi's capital is home to a million people. It declared its own state of emergency last week, but cases continue to rise, now hitting a daily record of 131.

It's also a problem in the west. Osaka and Okinawa saw a jump in cases.

The national total for Wednesday so far sits at over 1,900 new cases, taking cumulative case numbers above 460,000. Nearly 9,000 people have died.