NRA to order TEPCO to rectify security breaches

Japan's nuclear regulator has decided to order the operator of the Kashiwazaki-Kariwa nuclear plant in Niigata Prefecture to rectify security breaches in its anti-terrorism measures.

A Nuclear Regulation Authority probe found that sensors for detecting intruders at the plant were broken and that alternative measures put in place were not sufficient.

NRA commissioners agreed on Wednesday that a corrective action as stipulated in the law should be enforced on the operator, Tokyo Electric Power Company.

The NRA order would legally force TEPCO to devise measures to prevent similar security breaches and other problems from happening again.

If the watchdog agency determines that TEPCO has not properly taken the appropriate measures, the utility will not be allowed to operate the plant.

NRA Chairman Fuketa Toyoshi said that in such a case, the agency will consider banning the transfer of nuclear fuel to restart reactors, including the loading of fuel into a reactor.

The NRA will hear any refutes from TEPCO before making a final decision on the order.