US to discuss N.Korea policy with Japan, S.Korea

Senior US government officials say national security advisers from Japan and South Korea will be invited to Washington next week to discuss policies on North Korea and other outstanding issues.

President Joe Biden's administration has indicated that it is reviewing Washington's policy on North Korea's nuclear and missile development. It has also indicated it is taking the opinions of Japan and South Korea into consideration.

Senior US officials said on Tuesday that US National Security Advisor, Jake Sullivan, head of Japan's National Security Secretariat, Kitamura Shigeru, and director of national security at South Korea's presidential office, Suh Hoon, will attend the meetings.

The officials say those individuals will be the highest-level members of foreign governments to visit Washington since Biden took office.

The officials say the US will also hold bilateral meetings with Japan and South Korea. They say the abductions of Japanese nationals by Pyongyang and Tokyo-Seoul relations are among the issues that are likely to be discussed during the talks with Japan.

They say the US administration is in the "final stages" of a full review of its North Korea policy.