9 EU members back introduction of carbon levy

Nine European Union member states have voiced support for a mechanism to impose tariffs on imports from countries that do not do enough to curb carbon emissions.

The move comes as the EU's commitment to reducing its carbon footprint threatens to weaken its industrial competitiveness.

Foreign and finance ministers from the nine countries on Tuesday backed the planned EU Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism in an article on a media website.

Also on Tuesday, the French government held a symposium in which its finance minister countered criticism that the mechanism could lead to so-called carbon leakage.

Bruno Le Maire said, "The commitments we take must not lead to reallocation of the production and translate into increased greenhouse gas emissions elsewhere."

He stressed that the mechanism will be in full compliance with the World Trade Organization rules and called for its introduction by 2023.

The EU has raised its target for reducing greenhouse gas emissions to at least 55 percent by 2030 compared to 1990 levels.