Chinese carmaker gearing up in Thailand

A Chinese automaker is planning to make inroads in Thailand, a market dominated by Japanese manufacturers.

Great Wall Motor has rolled out its new electric vehicle, the "Ora Good Cat," at the Bangkok International Motor Show.

Thailand is Southeast Asia's biggest auto-industry hub. Japanese carmakers claim a 90-percent share of the market.

Great Wall claims its compact EV can travel for up to 500 kilometers on a single charge.

The Thai government is urging carmakers to build clean vehicles in the country.

Great Wall bought a factory in Thailand from America's General Motors.

But only about 1,000 EVs were sold domestically last year. They tend to be relatively expensive. More charging stations are also needed to boost their popularity.

Electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids are in focus at the Bangkok event. Over 30 firms from Japan, Europe, the US, and China are showcasing their products.