Biden's cabinet members all confirmed by Senate

The US Senate has confirmed President Joe Biden's nominee for Labor Secretary, Marty Walsh, completing the confirmation of Biden's cabinet members.

But hundreds of other key positions are yet to be approved.

The Senate endorsed Walsh by a majority vote on Monday, marking the last confirmation of 15 department heads more than two months after Biden took office.

For cabinet-level positions, the Senate has yet to confirm Biden's pick for science adviser, Eric Lander. Biden's nominee for the head of his budget office withdrew over criticism of her past tweets.

A nonpartisan organization that monitors the civil service, Partnership for Public Service, tracked 790 posts among 1,250 federal positions that require Senate confirmation.

It says 23 nominees have been confirmed and 39 are being considered by the Senate, and more than 460 positions do not have nominees.

There are concerns the Biden administration's pace of filling key posts is slower than previous administrations. Some say former President Donald Trump's second impeachment trial affected the pace of confirmations.