Late reality show star's mother files damages suit

The mother of a Japanese reality show star has filed a damages lawsuit against a man who continued to post abusive messages about her daughter on social media after she died in an apparent suicide.

Professional wrestler Kimura Hana died at the age of 22 in May last year after becoming a target of cyber bullying over her behavior on the reality show "Terrace House" broadcast on the Fuji TV network.

Her mother, Kimura Kyoko, attended the first hearing at the Tokyo District Court on Monday.

Kimura asked Internet service providers to disclose the identities of people who had slandered her daughter. She filed the suit against a man from Nagano Prefecture who tweeted that Hana's death made everyone happy.

Kimura said the man kept posting abusive messages after Hana died, violating her feelings for her daughter.

The defendant did not appear in court and has reportedly not submitted papers about his position on the matter.

The mother's lawyer says this is her first damages suit against a specific individual, but court proceedings are underway to disclose the identities of other social media users who slandered the late wrestler.

Kimura told reporters that she wants those people to face up to the fact that they abused her daughter.