Police crack down on spring break parties in Miami

Police have detained partygoers in the US state of Florida who gathered on the streets of Miami Beach despite the implementation of a new night curfew.

The city of Miami Beach imposed the 8 p.m. curfew on Saturday, after it had seen crowds of young people gathering and dancing outside for several days.

Police officers shut down parties as confusion and disorder continued into the night on Saturday. They detained 12 people who defied an order to disperse.

Local media outlets say the participants at the gatherings were college students on spring break. Witnesses say most of the revelers did not appear to be wearing face masks.

Many US states are easing coronavirus restrictions on economic activities and assemblies, as new daily cases have fallen sharply since the last peak in January.

But some states are facing a resurgence in new cases. Michigan, Alabama, and New Jersey are among them.

Experts are warning that coronavirus cases could rebound, if college students go back to their hometowns during the holiday period and spend time with their families and friends, without taking precautions.