Rally in NY protests racism against Asians

Hundreds of people have gathered in New York City to protest racism amid a rise in hate crimes against Asians in recent months in the United States.

More than 200 people, mostly of Asian descent, took part in the rally on Friday. They offered silent prayers for the eight victims in the gun attacks on Tuesday in the southern state of Georgia. Six of the victims were of Asian origin.

Holding up placards that read "Stop Asian hate," the participants vowed to unite to fight against racism.

An organization monitoring racism against Asians says there were 3,795 reports from across the country of discrimination or violence against Asians in an about one-year period through February.

Verbal harassment comprised 68 percent of the reported cases while physical attacks accounted for 11 percent.

Six percent involved Americans of Japanese descent or Japanese nationals.

Two sisters taking part in the New York rally said they feel people are looking at them differently nowadays because they're Asians, which makes them concerned. They said they're determined not to stay silent any more in order to make more people aware of the problems faced by Asians.