Pieces of Dead Sea Scrolls found in Israeli cave

Israeli archaeologists have discovered fragments of ancient biblical texts known as the Dead Sea Scrolls in a desert cave.

The Israel Antiquities Authority announced on Tuesday that about 80 pieces of the texts written on parchment were found in a cave near the Dead Sea. The cave is located in a remote canyon south of Jerusalem.

The scrolls, which date back about 2,000 years, are said to be the world's oldest known copies of the Old Testament.

Fragments of the scrolls have been discovered since 1947. The latest findings are the first in about 60 years.

The fragments bear parts of verses written in Greek from the Book of Zechariah and another prophet. They are believed to be from around the first century based on the writing style.

Researchers are hoping the new findings will help them piece together the texts and shed light on what society and religion were like back then.

An Israeli archaeologist said even though the pieces are small, they provided new information that were not known before.