Taiwan's Tsai, US envoy to UN hold talks online

US ambassador to the United Nations Kelly Craft has expressed support for Taiwan during her online meeting with Taiwan's President Tsai Ing-wen.

The online meeting took place on Thursday, Taiwan time, following the cancellation of Craft's visit to Taiwan.

Craft said on Twitter that she and Tsai "discussed the many ways Taiwan is a model for the world, as demonstrated by its success in fighting COVID-19."

She criticized China, saying, "Unfortunately, Taiwan is unable to share those successes in UN venues, including the World Health Assembly, as a result of PRC obstruction."

Craft added that she made clear to Tsai that "the US stands with Taiwan and always will, as friends and partners, standing shoulder to shoulder as pillars of democracy."

Craft was due to visit Taiwan from Wednesday as the first sitting US envoy to the UN to visit there since Taiwan left the UN in 1971. But the trip was cancelled at the last minute.

Taiwan's presidential office says Tsai thanked the United States and Ambassador Craft for their "staunch support for Taiwan."

The office says Tsai emphasized that Taiwan is a force for good, and the people of Taiwan will continue to show that Taiwan is a vital partner to the world.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian told reporters on Thursday that China opposes official exchanges between the US and Taiwan in any form.

Zhao urged the US to adhere to the "One China" principle and stop interfering in China's internal affairs.

He warned that China will take all necessary measures to protect its national interests and dignity.