Kurt Campbell to lead Biden's Asia policy

US President-elect Joe Biden has chosen former State Department official Kurt Campbell for a new post to coordinate Asia policy. Campbell was the top US diplomat for East Asia under President Barack Obama.

The Asia Group, a consultancy chaired by Campbell, announced that he will be joining the Biden administration as the Coordinator for Indo-Pacific Affairs, a newly established post in the National Security Council.

Campbell was the US Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs under the Obama administration, and led its policy of prioritizing Asia.

The new coordinator is expected to head the US efforts to unite allies and friendly nations, and lead the Biden administration's policy on China.

In an article he contributed to Foreign Affairs magazine on Tuesday, Campbell warned that China's economic and military rise are threatening the balance of order in the region.

To counter Chinese forces, he proposes that the US invest in unmanned carrier-based strike aircraft and underwater vehicles, among others.

He also points to the need to work with other states to disperse US forces across Southeast Asia and the Indian Ocean.