International human rights group criticizes Trump

An international human rights group has accused US President Donald Trump of fomenting hatred against racial and religious minorities.

New York-based Human Rights Watch on Wednesday issued its annual report on rights issues around the world.

The report harshly criticized Trump, describing him as "indifferent and often hostile to human rights" during his four-year presidency.

It also pointed out that Trump "closed his eyes to systemic racism in policing," after the police killing of George Floyd in May and a series of other police killings of Black people.

The report said that as incoming president Joe Biden assumes office, "US leadership can still be significant," adding he should strengthen the government's commitment to human rights.

Regarding China, the report criticized Beijing's imposition of national security law for Hong Kong, describing it as an aggressive assault on the freedom of Hong Kong's people.

It also said Chinese authorities are arbitrarily detaining Uighur Muslims in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.