Japan trails US in digital reforms

Japan is often hailed as a beacon of digital technology. But the reality is many offices still rely on masses of paper documents, and even faxes. In a new survey, half the Japanese firms questioned don't know how to achieve digitalization.

Researchers at the Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association surveyed businesses in Japan and the US with 300 or more employees.

They asked about efforts toward digital transformation, also known as DX.

The concept is not just about replacing manual processes with digital ones. It's about using data and technology to make fundamental changes to industry and people's lives.

In the survey, over 28 percent of US firms said they engaged in efforts toward DX. The figure was lower in Japan, at around 20 percent.

About 18 percent of US firms answered they didn't know about DX, or didn't know how to achieve it.

In Japan, over 50 percent of companies replied the same way.

Japanese companies embracing DX say they aim to use it to achieve work style reforms. In the US, many say it will help expand their business.