Sony showcases road test of prototype EV

Japanese electronics giant Sony has released a video of its prototype electric car being tested on public roads for the first time.

The video of the test drive in Austria was shown at CES 2021, an influential tech event that is being held online.

The Vision-S car, which is still under development, is equipped with 40 sensors. They support autonomous steering and braking operations by reading road conditions and the facial expressions of the driver.

The company hopes to conduct tests on public roads in Japan and the United States in the future, aiming to achieve fully autonomous driving.

Senior Vice President Kawanishi Izumi, who is in charge of Sony's AI robotics business said the company wants to do everything it can to contribute to the auto industry, as it undergoes a period of big change.

Sony also unveiled a drone for taking aerial photos and videos. It is packed with sensors, and its artificial intelligence function enables it to avoid obstacles in high-speed autonomous flight.