Trump denies responsibility for Capitol siege

US President Donald Trump has said that he's not responsible for the violent siege of the Capitol building by his supporters last week.

Trump showed up in front of reporters for the first time in six days at the White House on Tuesday. He commented on his role in the incident, which the Democrats and others are sharply criticizing.

Trump said people thought his remarks last week were "totally appropriate," and described the move by House Democrats to impeach him as "absolutely ridiculous." He added it is "causing tremendous anger."

He claimed the Democrats would be blamed for future violence if they "continue on this path, I think it's causing tremendous danger to our country." He also said, "I want no violence."

Democrats in the House of Representatives plan to vote on Tuesday on a measure that calls for Vice President Mike Pence to convene the Cabinet and invoke the 25th Amendment to remove Trump.

But various media outlets reported that Pence has no intention of responding to calls to remove Trump.

If Trump is not removed, House Democrats are expected to vote to impeach.

The impeachment resolution is expected to be approved in the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives as early as Wednesday.

Meanwhile, the US Federal Bureau of Investigation is warning of possible armed protests across the country in the run-up to President-elect Joe Biden's inauguration on January 20.