Poll: 77% want Tokyo Games canceled or postponed

An opinion poll conducted by NHK earlier this month shows only 16 percent favor holding the postponed Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics as scheduled. This contrasts sharply with the close to 80 percent who say the Games should be canceled or postponed again.

NHK carried out the survey over the weekend by telephoning people aged 18 and older chosen at random. A total of 1,278 people, or 59 percent of those contacted, provided responses.

On the Tokyo Games, which are set to take place this summer after being postponed by a year, 16 percent said the events should be held as scheduled, down 11 percentage points from the previous month. A total of 38 percent said they should be canceled and 39 percent said they should be further postponed, up about 7 percentage points in both cases.

Combined, that means that 77 percent said the Games should be canceled or further postponed.