Mori: Tokyo committee will prepare for Games

The head of the organizing committee of the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games has expressed his commitment to hold the events this summer.

Mori Yoshiro delivered an online New Year's address to approximately 3,500 committee staff members in Tokyo on Tuesday.

Referring to questions about whether the Games should be held amid the pandemic, he said he thinks that everything would be affected if he were to waver or show any indecisiveness.

Mori said he will calmly proceed with preparations as planned. He also said he wants to work with everyone and emerge from this dark tunnel.

He said he wants to do his best until the end to bring many people joy and hope in the belief that morning always comes after a long night.

The committee's Director General Muto Toshiro said sports are powerful and move people. He said it is his duty to think about how they can hold the Games and not wonder what is going to happen to them.

The committee says it will have staff members work remotely as much as possible, as a state of emergency has been declared in Tokyo and three neighboring prefectures, and will firmly go ahead with preparations.