Taiwan introduces new passport design

Taiwan has introduced a newly designed passport in a bid to prevent its citizens from being confused with Chinese nationals.

Taiwanese authorities began accepting applications for the passport on Monday.

The previous version's cover had the words "REPUBLIC OF CHINA" and "TAIWAN," both in almost the same size.

The new one bears the name "TAIWAN" in bold, larger lettering, while the words "REPUBLIC OF CHINA" appear in significantly smaller font encircling Taiwan's emblem.

Officials said that as the coronavirus spread across the world, they received many complaints from holders of Taiwanese passports about being mistaken for Chinese nationals.

Taiwan's foreign minister Joseph Wu said the new design helps people more readily recognize it as a Taiwanese passport.

Taiwan's China Airlines adopted a new design on the fuselage of cargo aircraft it introduced last month. The new design features the words "CARGO," with an image of the island appearing inside the enlarged "C."

The Taiwanese authorities gave more than 50 million masks to over 80 countries, using cargo planes with the previous fuselage design. But Taiwanese media outlets said some recipients mistakenly believed them to be gifts from China.