China's daily coronavirus tally tops 100

Chinese health authorities say they confirmed 103 new coronavirus cases on Sunday, with symptoms.

This is the first time since July 30 that the daily symptomatic case count in china has exceeded 100.

The National Health Commission says 76 cases without symptoms were also confirmed on Sunday.

The commission says 82 of the cases with symptoms were reported in Hebei Province, which neighbors Beijing.

Infections in Hebei are spreading, mainly in the provincial capital of Shijiazhuang.

Local officials have told the city's about 10 million residents to be tested and to stay at home. Subway and bus services in the city have been suspended.

The Chinese government is increasingly wary of the spread of infection ahead of next month's Lunar New Year holidays, when a huge number of people are expected to travel.

The government is providing a free homegrown coronavirus vaccine to help curb the infections.